The Feminist Press

The Feminist Press is an independent nonprofit literary publisher promoting freedom of expression and social justice causes that contribute to equality for all people and living things. Founded in an activist spirit in 1970, on the cusp of second-wave feminism it publishes both “lost” classics and works by new American writers.

The Press had been struggling for several years with a website that didn’t serve their ecommerce needs or reflect the forward-thinking nature of the organization.

I worked with them to create a design that worked with their new logo and color scheme that reflected their bold new direction. Their goals included a richer presentation of the books, integrated promotion of news and events, and more visible promotion for and easier processing of donations.

We decided on an omnipresent set of sidebars based on user patterns–many users arrive after searching for a specific book, so might miss announcements if they were only featured on the homepage.

Developed with assistance from Q Collective.

View the site.

Samples (click on image(s) to view larger versions)

The Feminist Press - Homepage


The Feminist Press - Book page

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