Wyman Worldwide Health Partners

Wyman Worldwide Health Partners (WWHPs) is a startup non-profit that partners with other NGOs and comunities to build clinics in the developing world. Their inaugural clinic in Bisate, Rwanda was a success, and they’ve built on lessons learned to open a second, also in Rwanda.

The project consisted of a new identity, stationary set and website design. Adding to the complexity of building their identity were the perception of twin organizations: WWHPs is the umbrella organization and needed an established look and presence in the United States but is relatively unknown in-country; CCHIPs, or Comprehensive Community Health Initiatives & Programs, is the well-defined in-country organization, but required less presence in the US.

The solution provided for separate logos and stationary sets for both WWHPs and CCHIPs along with different printing requirements for each. The use of differing colorways within the unified website helped to differentiate the organization from its program.

This project was completed in partnership with Human Condition.

Samples (click on image(s) to view larger versions)
A Selection of In-Process Logos developed for Wyman Worldwide Health Partners.
Final Logo Selections

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